Ways to Extend the Life of your E-Cigarette Atomizer & Battery

Many of the components for your electronic cigarette wear out over time and require replacement. And while the cost of doing this isn't very expensive, you surely don't want to be ordering new atomizers and batteries every time you turn around.

Extending the life of these items is an important step to reducing the overall cost of your electronic cigarette smoking experience.

Continue reading to learn more about how you can clean and maintain your e-cigarette atomizers and batteries to, one, maximize the amount of time before having to replace them, and two, ensure peak performance and taste of your vaping experience.

Atomizers – Extending the life of your electronic cigarette's heating element

As you likely know, the atomizer is a heating element that vaporizes the nicotine liquid you inhale…as you can tell, that's why we call it vaping. The average life expectancy of an atomizer is 2-3 months.

First of all, it's important you keep the atomizer moist at all times to ensure it functions properly and lasts as long as possible. It's always a good idea to have an extra atomizer or two on hand since the performance of these devices decreases over time.

You also don't want to over-tighten the atomizer onto the battery as this will cause contact problems and decrease the performance of your atomizer over time. Gently tighten the atomizer over the battery and once it makes contact, only tighten it another ¼ turn at the most. If the atomizer is too loose, you may hear a hissing sound.

Periodically cleaning your atomizer will ensure peak performance as well.

While each model is different, soaking the atomizer in Coca-Cola overnight then steaming it is a good way to clean your atomizer. Coke contains acid that breaks down particles. After letting it soak for awhile, you will want to steam it by gripping the atomizer with a pair of tongs or pliers and holding it next to the outlet of a steaming tea kettle for a few minutes.

It's also recommended you clean the contact points where your atomizer and battery connect together. Do this by taking a Q-Tip and wiping the contact point inside the atomizer on the screw side.

Anytime you do clean the atomizer and bring it into contact with any water, be sure it's completely dry before using it again. Failing to do so will reduce the life of both your atomizer and battery and void the unit's warranty.

Batteries – Ensuring you always have the power to vape

The battery in an electronic cigarette is an integral part of vaping. Without one, you won't have the power you need to turn the nicotine liquid into the vapor you inhale via the atomizer. Most batteries for our electronic cigarette products last around 200-300 charges.

Batteries for Modern Vapor smokeless electronic cigarettes come with a safety cutoff to prevent the battery and atomizer from burning up.

For manual batteries, you don't want to press the button too hard as this could potentially cause the button to stick or fall into the battery. If you have an automatic battery model, you will want to slightly unscrew the battery from the atomizer when you're not using the unit. Since these batteries are so sensitive, you will be saving your battery life by ensuring the two units do not make contact, draw power and heat up.

If you're filling your own nicotine liquid cartridges, you also don't want to over-fill them since this could damage the battery due to leakage from the atomizer getting into the battery. If you do over-fill a cartridge, you may hear a hissing sound coming from the atomizer.

If you have a manual battery and think you have excess e-liquid, insert the atomizer onto the battery before attaching the e-liquid cartridge, press the manual button down and hold it. If you have any excess e-liquid in the system, you will see a lot of vapor coming out. If you have an automatic battery, cleaning the atomizer will help get rid of excess e-liquid in your system.

Over filling your e-liquid cartridge and damaging the battery will VOID the unit's warranty so be careful and don't put too much liquid into your cartridges

Signs of damage from leaking nicotine liquid include:

•  LED light failure when you take a drag

•  Battery gets very hot when you hold it

•  Battery becomes very sensitive and flashes on and off on its own. This happens when the nicotine liquid gets into the unit's switch

If you discover nicotine liquid got into the battery, place it upside down overnight (LED facing up) and maybe the liquid will drain out.

Besides staying on top of the nicotine liquid and making sure it doesn't leak onto your battery, you should also clean the contact points to ensure a maximum life span. You can easily do this by taking a Q-Tip and wiping the threading for both the atomizer and battery.

These are common ways to ensure your most vital electronic cigarette parts last as long as possible. But inevitably, you will need to replace these things as they age. Check out Modern Vapor for a wide selection of electronic cigarette parts at competitive prices today.