6 Factors You Need to Consider When Buying an Electronic Cigarette

Whether it is ourselves or a loved one, smoking is an all too familiar habit to many of us. Any smoker probably is quite familiar with the wide variety of brands out there. It’s almost instinctive for a smoker to know what he or she wants and needs to look for in a cigarette.

“If my usual brand, American Spirit, isn’t available I usually can go with Winston’s as they offer the closest taste, smoothness and burn time,” says a friend who’s a smoker.

But when looking for alternatives to regular cigarettes altogether, you may not quite know what to look for.

Smokeless electronic cigarettes, which essentially vaporize nicotine-infused liquid that you inhale, is one alternative starting to catch the attention of smokers everywhere.

To help those unfamiliar with electronic cigarettes, we’ve put together a list of 6 factors you should think about when evaluating the various brands of e-cigs available on the market today.

Most are only available online right now, but they’re also becoming more prevalent in truck stops, gas stations and tobacco shops across the country.

6 Factors to Consider (…besides price) when Evaluating E-Cigarette Brands

  • Customizable – Does the particular brand offer the ability to interchange parts and customize the e-cigarette to your particular needs? Does a particular brand allow you the opportunity to essentially build your own e-cig?

    Flexibility is key…if you’re simply looking for something quick, do they offer good starter kits? Being able to customize though will make things easier (…and less expensive) when you look to upgrade or further adapt your e-cigarette to your tastes.

  • Usability – Is the e-cigarette easy to use? What are others saying about the draw, ease of connecting the battery, atomizer or cartridge? Are there any complaints circulating in forums or blogs about how difficult a particular e-cigarette is to use?

  • Battery Charge/Life – How long does the battery charge last? If you’re an on-the-go user, will they be able to last a long enough time between charges? How many times can the battery be charged before replacing it?

  • Look & Feel – What do you look for in smoking? Do you prefer a thin cigarette or more of a cigar feel between your fingers? Are you mainly interested in using your e-cigarette at home or are you on-the-go a lot and need something more portable?

  • Parts & Maintenance – How easy is it to clean the electronic cigarette? Is it easy to change or refill cartridges? Are replacement parts easily available at a low cost?

  • Nicotine Flavors & Strengths – Does the particular e-cigarette brand offer a lot of flavors? What strengths (usually expressed in milligrams) do they offer? Can you increase or decrease the nicotine strength as your e-cigarette tastes and requirements develop?

As you can see, there are many questions you can ask within each of these six factors. It’s sometimes easy to just jump on the first one that looks good. Upon deeper examination though, you will find all brands are different.

Some allow you to customize, buy accessories and enjoy your e-cigarette at the most effective cost while others are pretty uniform and require you to purchase an entirely new unit.

If you’re looking for an electronic cigarette brand that appeals to wide variety of users, is customizable, inexpensive and easy to use, we invite you to check out Modern Vapor’s exclusive e-cigarette models – the Sidesho, 902 and Lux – today!