What is the Nicotine Strength of an Electronic Cigarette?

Well for starters, the thing that looks like a cigarette doesn't contain the nicotine you crave. The nicotine is in fact contained in the electronic cigarette liquid or prefilled cartridges you purchase separately and attach to the cigarette.

What happens is an atomizer in the electronic cigarette vaporizes the liquid/juice when you take a drag. You then inhale the vapor through this cigarette looking thing-a-ma-jig. That's why we call it vaping!

You can buy prefilled cartridges or e-cigarette liquid in a wide-variety of flavors; it's also available in various strengths in terms of nicotine content.

As you know, regular cigarettes come in varying strengths. A Marlboro Red contains a lot of nicotine while a Marlboro Ultra Light doesn't contain near as much for example.

Generally speaking, electronic cigarette liquids are available in four different nicotine strengths, which include:

No Nicotine – contains 0 milligrams (mg) of nicotine per bottle. For those who simply enjoy the act of smoking but don't crave nicotine

Light – contains 4-8 mg of nicotine per bottle. Satisfying for light and casual smokers…roughly equivalent to a Marlboro Ultra Light

Medium – contains 10-14 mg of nicotine per bottle. Satisfying for light and medium smokers…roughly equivalent to a Marlboro Light

Full – contains 16-24 mg of nicotine per bottle. Satisfying for heavy smokers…roughly equivalent to a Marlboro Red

How long does each nicotine e-cartridge last?

It really depends on your personal habits and how much you will use the electronic cigarette. Generally speaking, an electronic cigarette e-liquid cartridge lasts around 60-80 puffs. Since you can vape as little or as much as you want, the strength you choose really depends on how you plan on using your electronic cigarette.

A full strength nicotine cartridge for example may not require as many puffs for you to get the desired effect as a medium strength cartridge.

You should also remember that electronic cigarette cartridges are actually the equivalent of several cigarettes. A nicotine e-liquid cartridge is meant for several smoking sessions…not just one like a traditional cigarette.

Another way to find the right strength is for you to think about what you smoked before and if you want to continue the same level of nicotine use with electronic cigarettes. Some vapers who used to smoke Marlboro Reds say the higher strength nicotine e-cartridges are more in line with what they're used to.

Conversely, a light smoker may be satisfied with the light or medium varieties. But if they have a busy schedule and time is of the essence, they can choose the full flavor and take fewer puffs.

In the end, what strength you choose ultimately depends on how you plan to use your electronic cigarette. If you're just starting out, it doesn't hurt to try all available strengths to see which one you would prefer.

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