Selecting an E-Cig Starter Kit

Even if you are just beginning your transition from smoking to vaping, you probably already know that you’ll need some supplies to get started. In addition to the electric cigarette itself, you have to have batteries, e-liquid, a charging method . . . it may start to feel a little overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be, though. Our e-cig starter kits are designed to provide supplies that fit both your needs and your budget.

E-cig Starter Kits Under $50

If you want to try out vaping before you make a large financial investment, Modern Vapor offers two starter kit options under $50.

The Sidesho USB is your most basic option. You receive a pass-through device and atomizer in your choice of black, blue or white and five cartridges pre-filled with e-liquid in either menthol or tobacco flavor.

This kit includes all you need to get started, but note that the built-in USB is your only charging option. If you prefer to charge your pass-through via a car charger or wall outlet, you’ll want to look into other kits or additional chargers from our accessories section.

If you’d rather use batteries or would prefer a more robust starter kit, but would still like to spend less than $50, consider the Sidesho Sampler. It offers the color options available with the Sidesho USB with the addition of red, as well as a “traditional” look based on analog cigarettes.

The Sidesho Sampler includes a rechargeable battery in your choice of manual and automatic, and both USB and A/C charging methods. You get the same e-liquid cartridge options as with the USB model, as well as a case where you can store them alongside your device.

Kits from $50 to $100

You can get even more options -- not to mention more e-liquid -- with a slightly larger investment.

The Sidesho Solo, for example, comes with double the amount of pre-filled cartridges and ten different style options. Each style has an LED “flame,” and some styles even offer multiple LED colors. As with the Sidesho Sampler, this e-cig starter kit comes with your choice of battery type and everything you need for A/C and USB charging.

Intended for heavier vapers, the 902 Solo offers a larger device and bigger cartridges. You get one battery and a charging case, as well as ten cartridge caps and pre-filled e-liquid cartridges, and can pair one of eight available styles with your choice of a red, blue or green LED.

The SideSho Select expands on the options available with the Sidesho Solo, offering twelve different style options -- including some with amber or even pink LEDs. Along with two atomizers you get one manual battery and your choice of an additional manual or automatic battery. The included charging set and case make it possible to keep one battery charging at all times while you enjoy the ten pre-filled cartridges and cartridge caps.

The largest offering from 902, the 902 Select, offers the same selection of styles and LED colors as the 902 solo, but with twice as many atomizers and batteries. This kit comes with multiple charging methods, ten tobacco or methol cartridges and ten cartridge caps.

The Lux E-cig Starter Kit comes in black, blue, red and stainless styles with multiple LED colors available for both black and stainless, and offers high-end performance and vapor capacity. In addition you get two manual batteries, two atomizers and atomizer cones, a charging set and ten pre-filled e-liquid cartridges with cartridge caps.

Over $100 - The Sidesho Supreme

If you want to invest in an e-cig starter kit that covers everything you’ll need to start off your vaping right, the Sidesho Supreme has it all. In addition to the two batteries and ten cartridges you get with many of the above kits, you also get A/C, USB and car chargers, a USB pass-through and a charging case with an LCD display.

This kit is ideal for those who want to try filling their own cartridges, as well. It comes with five blank cartridges, a filter and ten ml of e-liquid, and is available in 13 different styles with a metal carrying case for easy on-the-go storage.

Weighing Your Options

Any of the e-cig starter kits listed here will give you the basics, but each new level offers more supplies, styles and charging options. When you consider cost, weigh the price of each kit against the supplies and usability if offers.

Of course if you decide on a less expensive kit you can always come back to Modern Vapor for additional supplies, but don’t forget to check out our unique e-liquid flavor options when you do!