Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes – An Innovative Way to Enjoy Smoking Everywhere

Smokeless electronic cigarettes - or e-cigarettes – present an innovative alternative for smokers looking to avoid some of the pitfalls of traditional smoking.

With the look and feel of a regular cigarette, smokeless electronic cigarettes often taste like regular cigarettes! However, instead of “lighting up,” the smoker simply activates a switch that heats up nicotine liquid contained within the “e-cigarette.” This “electronic cigarette juice” becomes a vapor the user inhales.

Micro-electronic technology in electric cigarettes provide a real smoking experience without the fire, tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide and above all – the smell found in traditional cigarettes.

Since e-cigarettes do not emit any smoke, they are usable in places where smoking is not allowed.

How does a smokeless electronic cigarette give me the same “high” without the chemicals and smell?

An interesting question indeed – how do electric cigarettes supply nicotine to a smoker without the tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide and smell!

Well, the first step of course is putting all of the components together which basically involves you charging the battery and then connecting it to the atomizer. Once this is complete, the electronic cigarette juice (e-juice) that contains the nicotine is placed into either a disposable or refillable cartridge where the battery-powered atomizer heats up the nicotine infused liquid. 

Smokeless cigarettes come in either automatic or manual mode – basically, the big difference between the two is manual mode only engages when you put the e-cigarette to your mouth and take a drag. Automatic mode runs automatically once you push the button on the e-cig.

Both models even have an LED light on the end that lights up when you take a puff!

Electronic cigarette juice or e-juice is another integral part of e-cigarettes. This liquid contains the nicotine you crave. It comes in many different flavors – tobacco, citrus, watermelon, almond and more! You can even get e-juice that tastes like your favorite cigarette brand without all the harmful chemicals and smell.

Continue reading for a detailed list of all the parts that make smokeless electronic cigarettes work. One complete electronic cigarette starter kit includes:

Battery – Automatic or Manual

AtomizerHeating element that vaporizes the electronic cigarette juice for consumption

CartridgeWhere the electronic cigarette juice is contained. When it gets low, you can easily fill it with your favorite nicotine e-juice.

Personal Charging CaseEasily charge your battery so your atomizer is always ready to go! Comes with a USB charging cable and USB A/C adapter…easily plug device into a standard wall outlet, in your car, or even a USB port on your computer!

Electronic cigarette juiceContains nicotine and comes in many different flavors

E-cigarettes represent an innovative solution to the problems posed by traditional cigarettes. But remember, nicotine is still an addictive substance! While e-cigs do contain fewer harmful substances than regular smokes, they do contain nicotine.

Therefore, we do not advise or allow pregnant or nursing women or anyone under the age of 18 to use smokeless electronic cigarettes.

Interested in learning more about how electronic cigarettes can revolutionize your view of smoking? Get started with one of our electric cigarette starter kits today or contact Modern Vapor with any questions regarding our products.